Let’s Get Started…Our Proven Website Process

Every successful website launch is part of our 5-Step Process that includes step-by-step instructions and a Quality Checklist. This isn’t our first rodeo and our years of experience means we help walk you through each step and never cut corners. Below is an overview of the core stages your new site will go through. When you decide that MarketingXchange is the best website team this side of the galaxy, we will send you a Starter Checklist telling you exactly what we need to promote your company online. Enjoy!

Why Website Processes Are a Must-Have for Online Success

Back in the day, websites were easy to design and launch without much detail. But as search engines have evolved, every aspect of your website must be considered for online success. Google and other popular search engines use hundreds of criteria to determine whom they display in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Our exclusive Quality Checklist includes all the on-site details you will need to give your website the best chance of search engine success.

Satisfying Your Website’s Audience for Maximum Online Leads

At MarketingXchange, we believe that there are three main audiences we need to satisfy. So our process will cover all three before Go-Live and is the biggest part why companies love our websites.

1) YOU…we want you happy with your website’s look and feel, copy, content, images and benefit statements. As the owner of the business, or the person taking responsibility for the new website project, we know you may not have the time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. That’s exactly what we’re here for. No Worries!

2) Prospects…many people build sites for customers. We know that your website is your best showroom and salesperson. If your site doesn’t sell your products and services well and speak to the needs of your prospects, then it will fail to produce the leads, prospects and customers you need to survive in business today.

3) Search Engines…Okay, not really an audience, but kind of. We know that if #1 and #2 above are done right, it doesn’t mean much without the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) being done right. If the tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there to here it, does it make a noise? Same applies to websites, if we don’t answer to the needs of search engines, your site will never come up on search results. No website traffic, no leads, no sales.

How can you prevent your website from failing?

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