Ryan Parshall

Ryan Parshall President & Consultant
Job Title: 
President & Consultant
Fun Facts: 
  • Saw Elvis Presley in concert when he was six
  • Has never broken a bone and credits the “Got Milk” campaign
  • Questions his own sanity by starting a company in a recession

Ryan Parshall is President and Senior Marketing and Web Consultant at MarketingXchange, Inc. Ryan started the company with one client and a lot of risk back in 2007. The risk has paid off and the company now has a full-service Website Department, SEO & PPC Departments, Social Media Team, and Consultants who help get customers through the wild, wild, world of online marketing each day.

MarketingXchange has over 230 customers from Santa Monica, California to New York City and as far north as Ontario, Canada. Although the company was started in the Kansas City area, as MarketingXchange has grown, the Midwest values and way of doing business have not changed.

"With new technology arising every day, business relationships have grown colder. I encourage each and every employee to make decisions in the best interests of our clients. I remind them that this is a people business first, and technology second."

Ryan's dad, Joe Parshall, operated a small, family-owned grocery store in Odessa, MO. where Ryan learned the importance of old-fashioned customer service and earning every penny. This work ethic created a leader who works hard and does not accept anything less than the best!

Speaking of that...last year MarketingXchange generated over 11,700 trackable leads for local businesses from Heating and Cooling Contractors to Lawyers and Doctors. 
"I enjoy helping other business owners achieve their goals. If I make money doing that, then we all win!"