Kyle Goens

Picture of Kyle Goens, Graphic & Web Designer
Job Title: 
Graphic & Web Designer
Fun Facts: 
  • Former Designer for the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Bacon Enthusiast. Onion hater.
  • I was a very accident­prone kid. I fractured my eye socket, knocked out a few teeth and tore two muscles in my leg, among other things.

I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. I grew up with older twin sisters who never let me get away with anything. We grew up in house full of animals. Besides several dogs, we had some more exotic pets like ferrets, snakes, and even a tegu lizard. I enjoyed playing video games with friends, playing football, and running track. I attended Oak Park High School for two years and then transferred to Staley High School when it opened. I was a member of the first graduating class at Staley.

I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Graphic Design at the University of Missouri ­ Columbia. I enjoy designing logos, ads, and infographics and I’m finding website design to be a fun challenge.

In my spare time, I like outdoor activities like hiking, biking and fishing and I enjoy longboarding and hanging out with friends.