Kelsey Huber

Picture of Kelsey Huber, Social Media/Copywriter
Job Title: 
Social Media/Copywriter
Fun Facts: 
  • She's the girl with kaleidoscope eyes -- one brown, one green
  • Knows what her tombstone will say -- "...and I was having so much fun!"
  • Has bad kitchen karma - once made Rice Krispy Brittle (true story)

I have been a word nerd from the day I was born. When other kids were working their way up to the expert level on that hot new video game Pong, I was making lists of homonyms. My love of words (and the fact that I am mathletically challenged) naturally led me to a career in writing. I worked for fifteen years as a copywriter/ creative director at Turec Advertising Associates in St. Louis. I was responsible for all aspects of the creative process from concept through production, and I wrote and produced in all media. I was also responsible for new business creative development, and presented strategic campaigns to existing clients as well as new business accounts. I really enjoy the challenge of making a client stand out in the marketplace while staying within a realistic budget.

I moved to Kansas City in 2005 with my husband, Tom and two children - Nick and Brianna. I was a freelance writer for several years and eventually decided I missed the camaraderie of the workplace and took a full-time position at MarketingXchange. I love the gang here. It's a great group of people who play as hard as they work.