Joey Lucas

Picture of Joey Lucas, Web Marketing Consultant
Job Title: 
Web Marketing Consultant
Fun Facts: 
  • I have a weak spot for sweets, specifically ice cream with peanut butter cups. I like to think the calcium from my ice cream intake is why I have never broken a bone. (knock on wood)
  • I like to think I’m one of the few millennials on planet earth who has been lucky enough to have seen: Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, The Grateful Dead, The Who, The Eagles, Steely Dan, Bad Company, Lionel Richie,The Doobie Brothers, and Steve Miller Band before they stopped touring!
  • In one epic night, my two friends and I made Royals history by making the Jumbotron a total of nine times in one game against the Boston Red Sox.

I grew up in Overland Park, Kansas with my little brother and sister who I enjoyed bossing around quite a bit. I spent a majority of my childhood outside playing neighborhood games from cops and robbers to backyard football. The neighborhood sports were the seed to what would eventually blossom into my love for sports and competition as a child. It did not matter if it was a game of tag or a video game, I wanted to beat you and beat you bad. My love for competition got me involved in an array of sports growing up. I played football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, ran track, and even competitively raced mountain bikes all across the Midwest. I loved being active and making friends through sports because I was able to meet kids from all over Kansas City. When I was not playing sports, I spent most of my other spare time watching them on SportsCenter or creating virtual franchises on my PlayStation 2. I graduated the 8th grade from Cure’ of Ars and took my talents to Rockhurst High School.


Growing up an avid Kansas State fan, I had to make the tough decision my senior year of high school to choose the University of Missouri-Columbia to chase my dream of graduating from the best journalism school in the world. My studies at Mizzou helped me realize my passion for marketing, advertising, and consulting. I fell in love with the agency atmosphere as soon as I was exposed to it my freshman year of college and that passion took me to MarketingXchange where I continue my work today.


In my free time you can catch me in one of three places: Kauffman Stadium, Arrowhead Stadium, or wherever the live music leads me that particular day. I have done plenty of primary research while traveling all around the U.S. and have come to the safe conclusion that Kansas City is the greatest city in America.