Andrew Bosch

Picture of Andrew Bosch, Front-End Web Developer
Job Title: 
Front-End Web Developer
Fun Facts: 
  • Does a great Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.
  • Plays the piano by ear.
  • Favorite movie is Jurassic Park.

Andrew grew up in Blue Springs, MO and always had a techie side. As a child, he liked to play with Legos, so it’s no surprise that his job now as a website developer involves building websites every day. Andrew attended DeVry University in Kansas City where he earned a degree in Multi-Media Design and Development. His favorite part of his job is troubleshooting. “I like to find problems and fix them.” Andrew says. “I like the hunt and narrowing down the possible causes for the problem until I get to the bottom of it.” Andrew resides in Lee’s Summit and besides playing the piano, enjoys playing video games, especially Minecraft, in his spare time.