Enhance Your Brand with Social Media Marketing Services

What is faster than a speeding bullet, constantly evolving, necessary for brand awareness and exposure, and a key factor for driving potential customers to your website? The answer is social media.

Make it Easier to Shine Online

For some, social media is a lot to keep up with; for most, it is almost too much. But lucky for you, the MarketingXchange social media marketing team stays ahead of the trends, keeps up with the metrics, and studies best practices so that you don’t have to! Below is an overview of what you receive when you hire the MarketingXchange team to manage your social media marketing.

How Does the Social Media Marketing Process Work?


First, our social media marketing team gets to know your company. That’s right, we take the time to learn every little detail about it. Why? Because it makes us better digital marketers. From your company’s brand components and specifics about your services to your target audience & industry details. Hey! We even learn about your team members. We like for our clients to consider MarketingXchange to be an extension of their marketing department.

So what do we do with all of this information? Each quarter our social media marketing team will meet with you to review the goals and marketing metrics specific to your company. This is to hold us accountable for increasing the success of your marketing efforts. In addition to this meeting, we also send out monthly reports & are available daily for tips, advice, and anything else that you need in order to keep your social media networks up to date.


Step number two in MarketingXchange’s social media marketing process is to take all of this important information and create content that reflects your brand & company culture and is truly custom. Thanks to the MarketingXchange marketing ninjas, we are able to develop kick butt blog posts, videos, & infographics (just to name a few) that educate, inform and entertain your potential customers. This content also positions your company as an industry leader and builds top of mind awareness among consumers.


Step number three, attract! It is time to syndicate, or push your custom created content through your online marketing channels. Our social media team studies the platforms in which your content would be best received by your target audience. We ensure that each and every post goes out at a time and date that will reach the most people & produce the most engagement from your customers and potential customers.


Last but not certainly least, convert! Your content has been strategically pushed to numerous social networks. From here, potential customers are engaging with that blog post, infographic, or other content and are being directed back to your company’s website. Once they arrive here, they are being converted into a lead. How? MarketingXchange’s website team creates sites that are geared to convert leads for your company. By using strategic lead generation techniques, our websites guarantee an increase in lead generation.

Want to know more? Give one of our web & marketing consultants a call at (877) 299-2007.