Responsive Website Design

Website design has become more challenging in the last few years due to the plethora of new devices that have appeared on the market. Designing a website for a desktop is one task. Designing that same website for a tiny smart phone screen is an entirely different task. Then, consider all of the tablets that have been recently introduced and you can imagine the job of keeping websites user friendly on all of these different sized screens can make a website designer crazy.

Responsive Web Design Solves Website Design Size Variation Problems

Before Responsive Web Design, website designers were forced to create two totally different websites to achieve the proper performance levels on each screen – the classic website and the mobile website. Now, with responsive website design, our websites work ideally on all sizes of devices. Responsive Website Design makes the website more fluid so it can change dimensions depending on the platform it is being viewed on. This single design can now adapt to all screen sizes.

Responsive Website Design in Kansas City by MarketingXchangeHow Does Responsive Website Design Work?

Responsive website designs are fluid. As the screen size changes, the elements of the design shrink, grow and change with it. This is a fundamental shift in the way websites are built. Each element can be assigned a priority level which assures designers that the most important information will be the information that is viewed most easily on any size screen. To view a responsive website design created by the website designers at MarketingXchange, follow this link to Heritage Lawns and Irrigation’s Responsive website design.

Better Website Designs, Better Customer Experience, Better Lead Conversion

When you choose to build with responsive website design, your website will not only be cutting edge technologically speaking, but it will deliver the best user experience possible no matter where you customer views your site. When this happens, the amount of time a customer spends on your site increases as well as the opportunity for a lead or sale. In the highly competitive online world, every advantage counts.

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