Website Phone Tracking and Recording for Top Lead Conversions

Call Tracking for websites focuses on sales and marketing optimization through tracking which online marketing efforts are creating a call or web form. This gives you the insight into how marketing initiatives are performing and also helps marry call information with your website form submissions to give you complete ROI data. Phone calls are the number one source for prospects and customers to reach you. So if you are only tracking website forms, then you are missing most of the caller information you need to track and improve your website's effectiveness. So make it easy for yourself by implementing a simple system to track your most profitable marketing campaigns.

How Call Tracking Works 

We set up tracking phone numbers on your website that communicate with our online system, Cattle Call. When calls come in from the phone numbers that have been placed on your ads...calls are recorded for their duration. You can then go online and see the results and hear the conversations from the incoming calls. The benefits of this information are endless! Here are a few...

  • cattle callCall tracking data for online keywords and ad campaigns
  • Call tracking data for offline print, direct mail, magazine ads, etc.
  • Local phone numbers as well as toll-free tracking
  • Hear the quality of calls coming in from different marketing efforts
  • Analyze your company’s phone answering skills

Have Questions About E-mail Marketing or Want to Get Started? 

Call one of our qualified conversion specialists to answer any questions you have about Cattle Call tracking and its benefits. We can set you up with a free demo to show you exactly how powerful the Cattle Call features can be for your organization. With Cattle Call you spend a little to save a lot...and make a lot with intelligent data.

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