Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Services

Apply the #1 online strategy that successful companies today are using to generate qualified leads for their sales teams. It's pay-per-click advertising. Our staff of highly trained and qualified professionals will help set up, manage and/or improve your campaign(s) for maximum ROI. Ask us how PPC can work for you!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Setup

At MarketingXchange, Inc. we do what's in your best interest by either using your existing accounts with Google, MSN, Youtube and Facebook or we will open a new account for you. In all cases, it's your account that you have access to at any time. We setup all monthly charges through your credit card so that your company doesn't pay for unnecessary markup on the clicks you receive. Then you simply pay us for the monthly management and we take care of the rest.  Our PPC Services NOW INCLUDE CALL TRACKING & RECORDING!

Our Custom PPC Set-Up Service Includes:

  • Consultation with a dedicated SEM Pro.
  • Identification of goals and needs.
  • Campaign, ad group and keyword setup.
  • Set-up broad, phrase, exact and negative keywords.
  • Full keyword analysis for optimal ROI.
  • Conversion tracking code for Web Forms & Calls
  • Landing page review (ensures that keywords are directed to relevant sections of your site)
  • Creation of effective ads and implement split testing
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly spending goals and caps
  • Campaign launched live in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube and Facebook. (or any combination).

Monthly Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Once you're set up we start driving leads to your business. But the work is not done. It takes hours of meticulous work within the search engines each month to keep your campaign running healthy with maximum ROI. Our powerful software helps manage advertising from all search engines simultaneously and gives us a competitive edge with a wealth of statistical knowledge. You will receive monthly reports that summarize your campaigns to keep you informed of progress.

PPC Call Tracking and Recording Services Dashboard from MarketingXchange

Our Monthly PPC Management Includes:

  • Monthly campaign monitoring and adjustments
  • Bid management strategies to ensure ROI
  • PPC Campaign optimization
  • Keyword monitoring including quality scores, optimization, additions, and deletions
  • Negative match keyword monitoring
  • Split-testing of ad headlines and copy
  • Competition monitoring
  • Performance/Conversions e-mail reports (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
  • Consultation with a Dedicated SEM pro.
  • Complete phone and e-mail support.

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