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best atlanta web design and marketing companyThe presentation of its website is often the first chance an Atlanta business has to make a good impression on its customers and future clients. Often, a business does not understand just how much an easy–to-navigate user interface on a clean website can help improve its sales and outside perception. At MarketingXchange, we do. We are Atlanta, GA’s premier marketing company. From SEO experts to graphic designers to website developers, our staff produces user friendly and marketing optimized websites.

Atlanta's Website Design Experts

When deciding to hire an Atlanta, GA digital advertising agency to improve the look and use of a business website, the first step is to decide how the website should appear. Marketing professionals at MarketingXchange know what types of customers prefer which types of Atlanta website design. For example, flash introduction pages are best used in only certain situations, as they can actually turn away some types of customers who are looking for specific information. In other situations, flash introduction pages actually convert visitors into clients. This is the type of website design expertise an Atlanta, GA marketing company like MarketingXchange can provide to your business.

Nobody Beats Our Online Quality Checklist for Website Design

In the mid to the late 90s when every business first began to bring their company online, web pages looked a lot different than they do today. If an Atlanta, GA business is still sporting frames and tables, it is time to enlist the serious help of an online marketing consultation specialist like MarketingXchange. New websites are designed with the user in mind, and there is a lot of data that has been collected regarding how users are drawn to certain areas of a page. Knowing this information is especially crucial on web pages that have an e-commerce element, as maximum buying potential should be wrung from every customer interaction with the page. We look at all the aspects of each page and how they relate to the website design as a whole. We employ an internal online quality checklist to make sure our websites are optimized in every way - from search engine optimization to user friendly design.

MarketingXchange Provides Lead Generation Strategies Backed by an Online Performance Guarantee

Everything we do with website design is done for one purpose - lead generation. Our graphic artists carefully brand your business website through graphic design. Professionally created buttons, banners, and backgrounds should be used. The color scheme on a website should be chosen with the help of a trained Atlanta, GA website designer. Colors that one person may think look great may actually discourage buying and drive users off a site. There are even statistics about what colors best encourage what types of buying. The goal is to keep the users on the business page as long as possible and convert them into a sale. From branding to SEO, every step we take leads to more leads. Lead generation is what we do best and we do it so well, we offer an Online Performance Guarantee to back it up.

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