Meet the MarketingXchange, Inc. Team

MarketingXchange President and Consultant Ryan Parshall
Ryan Parshall
President & Consultant
  MarketingXchange Web Marketing Consultant Joey Lucas
Joey Lucas
Web Marketing Consultant
  MarketingXchange Copyrighter Kelsey Huber
Kelsey Huber
Social Media/Copywriter
  MarketingXchange SEO Specialist Darren Harms
Darren Harms
SEO Specialist
MarketingXchange Web & Graphic Designs Kyle Goens
Kyle Goens
Web & Graphic Designer 
  MarketingXchange Web Developer Andrew Bosch
Andrew Bosch
Web Developer


Marketing Experts Specializing in Websites

At MarketingXchange, we’re experts in marketing. But the thing that differentiates us from the rest of the marketing world is our focus on websites. There’s a big difference between hiring a web designer to create your website and hiring a marketing agency to create your website. While both will probably be able to design a site that looks good, it’s the things you can’t see that will make the difference.

While a responsive web designer may ask, “What is it we’re trying to convey?” and “What look brands us best?”, a marketing agency will focus on the end user and ask questions like, "What do they need?" and "Why did they come to this site?" The difference may seem subtle, but the bottom line is when a user gets to the actual site, if it is marketed to his/her needs, that person will stay longer, and be more likely to purchase/call/fill out a form or whatever action is desired by the website owner. Voila – more leads. That’s where we shine.

If you run a business, your focus should always be on the customer and their needs. The customer is who you must please. Unfortunately, the small business owner is bombarded with decisions every day and it’s very easy to lose sight of this simple fact. That’s why partnering with marketing experts is critical. We handle every aspect of marketing from the traditional outlets (television, radio, print) to the Web 3.0 outlets (websites, blogs and social media). Call us today if you’re ready to take your website and your marketing to a higher level and get more leads for your business.